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Meet 1000

A New Approach to Creating Relationship.

We meet thousands of people every day, but do we do it with intent?

As I look around the world today, I see what I perceive to be an unrealistic approach to relationships, particularly romantic relationships. We—as a society—tend to seek life-long intimate relationships through interview processes we create with total strangers. I know. It sounds crazy, but it’s true.

From dating websites to meeting at the supermarket, we look to strangers and hope to find our happily-ever-after. This is at the very least a game of tough odds and the worst, possible devastation. This practice of wanting to grow relationships beginning from the wrong direction has caused strife for centuries and I’m thinking it might be time to change it.

Whether it’s the high-risk environment it can create or the potentially devastating effect of realizing years into the relationship that maybe, the person who looked great on paper—who may even have been great for the first few years of the relationship—isn’t at all representative of the life we want to live, there are people everywhere who are settling for something less than that happily-ever-after they were hoping to find.

It can seem like what we desire is nowhere to be found or even that there are so many options, we don’t know how to process them. We live in a busy world. There are so many people and we have so little time. It can be difficult to connect.

Take advantage of the life you are already living to meet, not just that one special someone, but a whole group of people to finally give you the happily-ever-after you deserve.