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Hi. My name is Linda Forrest, and I work as a muse. 

Like most of us, I began my life full of love and a powerful belief in possibility. I wanted to explore, laugh, and connect with others, but my childhood environment did not know how to support the beautifully idealistic perspective of my innocent mind. So, like many of us, I learned to forget my inspired outlook and conform to an identity that wasn’t authentically me.

Living out of sync with my dreams was painful for me, and I succumbed to the pain, living a life filled with self-loathing and addiction. Still, there was never a point in my life when I didn’t believe humans—all humans—are capable of amazing things. I knew transformation was possible, but I didn’t know where to find it or if I could live up to it when I did. 

I began finding my way back to myself at 23 when I was diagnosed with Chronic, Acute Panic Disorder complicated by Severe Depression—later revised to Complex PTSD and Addiction. The diagnosis was a life sentence that began with two therapeutic sessions a week and a lifelong prescription of MAOIs. I was both devastated and grateful. I felt better taking the medication, but it came with its side effects, and I couldn’t accept the idea of living my entire life in pain. So I never stopped searching for a better solution.

For nearly thirty years, I researched everything I could find in the fields of neuroscience, pharmacology, psychology, education, and homeopathic healing. Over time and a lot of work, I weened myself from my medication, but I was still over-reactive and suffering tremendous emotional pain until I found what I realized might be a cure. In the spring of 2015, I decided to test my theory and apply the practices available in this program to my own life. Within a year, I no longer had symptoms of PTSD, and since my initial discovery, I have continued to evolve my condition to live well beyond average, healthy mental ability. 

No matter where you began and regardless of where you stand now, you are capable of incredible things. Human design is not that one must be more fully conscious than another. We all have conscious and unconscious moments. The way we respond to these moments ultimately shapes how much success we experience in our lives. And this is a thing that is not part of the inherent knowledge of our species. It is a thing we must learn.

Our ancestors didn’t fail to show us a thing they should know. They lived as their ancestors lived in a world where consciousness worked differently. We do not achieve mental health through remembering who we were as children. We achieve it through discovering the full potential of being human today.

I created The Inspired Evolution Project to help you realize the best life possible for you. It is here not just for the people who want a better life but also for those who need it most, so I offer the early Phases of our Program for free. They lay enough of a foundation for anyone who applies them to live a life free of suffering. If you are interested in helping me provide free resources and would like to contribute financial support to the Inspired Evolution Project, please use the link below.

Thank you for being a part of what we do.

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