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Realizing Your True Worth

It’s time to focus on you.

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Much of our society is steeped in the experience of trying to ‘fit in,’ when we are more naturally prone to the desire to ‘stand out.’ The pressure of trying to have the right home, the right car, the right kind of relationship, to be part of the right religion or political party; all of these demands to conform, can often stifle our individuality.

Living in a social survival model, we may subconsciously experience the sensation of being vulnerable, while we are not consciously aware of our vulnerability. It may be the loss of a loved one or it could be the loss of a position you spent twenty years fostering; maybe it’s a sense of limitation or you could be just bored with the way things are, but for all of us, the result is the same. If your joy in life or even worse, your value as a human being is externalized, losing it could make it feel like you’re losing everything and then, life is suffering.

In this course, create an unwavering foundation for yourself as we
– delve deeper into who we are as individuals
– expand our understanding of value and how to increase it
– discover what it really means to live a purpose-driven life
– create a life of peace, joy, and harmony that can never be taken from us.

Session details include:
• How to use reflection to easily discover hidden roles and rules that are dictating your experience of life.
• Why it’s not just about us. It’s about our interactions with others, as well.
• Practices to help you deepen your understanding of individuality.
• How to experience even our most difficult interactions from a place of clarity.
• Social Survival and what it means to human development.
• The ‘Seven Year Developmental Cycles’ and where we are in relation to them today.
• The natural cycles of contagion and how this affects our sense of self.
• • How to break free of adopted belief and access a deeper understanding of behavior, both in ourselves and others.
• How to break free from the pain of fragmentation and how to be ourselves in every situation, with any person.
• The warning signs of chemical imbalances and long-term health risks associated with triggers.
• How to balance your relationships, to be happy, healthy and centered with all of the people in your life.
• How to find ultimate balance and moving from a life of surviving, to one of thriving.

“Focus on the self is not selfish. It is, in fact, the most selfless thing any human can do.” – Linda Forrest