Phase Three

Phase Three of IEP is designed to help you tap into your creative genius through learning the art of active listening. If you are already adept at mindful practices, feel centered and fulfilled in your life, this phase will foster innovative and creative thought, create optimal physical and mental health and introduce you to the kind of laser focus only available ‘in the zone.’ If you are ready to no longer experience life as happening to you, if you are prepared to lean into your life, to create the experience you want to be living, this phase offers tools to get you there.

Suggested Contribution Sessions

Phase Three Practices are provided with a suggestion to contribute to participation in the practices. I want to make this program affordable to everyone. So, I’ve offered Phase One and Two free of charge, to help those who need to get their feet under them. For those who have benefited from the free sessions and want to give back, please consider contributing here.

Most of us, at some point, will evolve enough through our practice to experience some financial flexibility. There is something powerful in being a conscious contributor to your health and well-being. It is human nature to respond to health practices according to the value we attribute to them. Free feels amazing and sometimes it is necessary, but when we can get to the point where we can invest in ourselves or give something back, we own a whole new perspective of our place in the world.

Whether you are giving to invest in the value of who you are or to support us in providing free services to those who cannot contribute, I promise to use your investments with the care and attention they deserve. I live humbly, and I expect I always will. It seems to be the nature of my conscious participation in the world, my way to live in service to humanity. So, everything you give will be used to help us expand our reach, to keep the participants in this program living healthy, and to invest in other communities who do the kind of work we want to support.

Please click here if you are interested in contributing.

Contact us to learn more about Phase 3
Phase Three Practices can be complicated. I hope to provide as much information as possible, but sometimes it helps to have a little clarification. If you would like more information, you can follow me online and ask questions, get clarifications, or share your progress. I look forward to connecting with you on the journey.
Phase Three
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