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Session One Week Three – Blurred Lines

Now that you’ve gotten to know a little about what you want from your relationships, let’s dig into some of the limitations that can hold us back from getting what we really want. This week is about opening your mind to what might be possible by a new approach.

This week’s Questions for Contemplation are going to bring us back to what will be our base, established practice for as long as we are involved in this course. As we reconnect with what we learned in the first week, we will also look at what it means to have blurred lines of experience.

The foundation of any significant change in our life comes through changing the existing structure. Returning ourselves to the structure repeatedly is the best way to observe those changes and through knowing them, remove any limitations standing between us and the outcome we hope to achieve through the change. Most of those limitations tend to be in our perspectives, so this week we will challenge the way we already see things.

I’ve had several people in my life I called friends, but when I began this process, I was presented with the opportunity to ask myself tough questions. Are the people I call my friends really my friends? Do they call back when I call them? Do they only reach out under certain conditions? Do I feel as connected to them as I do to someone I want to call a friend? If they didn’t, I moved them to be an acquaintance and I suddenly felt a great deal of peace with our relationship. I allowed them to be who they are and the relationship to be what it is. I also began to notice the people who were there for me, people who deserved a better definition than the one I was giving them.

Once I gained clarity, all of the relationships I already had became easier.

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