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A New Way to See Relationships

by Linda Forrest

Life is relationships. From the moment of our conception, until our very last breath, we are in relationships. Even those who bury themselves deep in wooded recesses experience relationships. We avoid it. We crave it. We define everything we are by it. So, when our relationships are out of balance, the experience of living can become very painful.

As a social species, we’ve learned to continually examine our relationships, seeking what is wrong, or even striving to fix what can seem broken. What if we decided to take a different approach? What if we explored the nature of relationships instead?

Our species is changing. Relationship rules aren’t what they once were. Dynamics that worked in the past will no longer work today because we’re not the same species today, as we were even fifty years ago.

Everything has changed.

Nearly all of the information we have about improving our relationships—not just the romantic connections in our lives, but all of our relationships—is based upon the study of survival mechanisms in primates. While it’s true, humans are a primate species, we are also something more. At over 7.5 billion people, primal survival mechanisms no longer apply to the relationships in our lives. The traditional fear—fight-or-flight—based consciousness leaves us short in a world where newly developing levels of ingenuity and emotional intelligence are available.

Humans are expanding into a different way of thinking. It began with the onset of generation x and has continued into the expanding consciousness of both the millennial movement and z generation. We are no longer bound by social survival mechanisms. We crave individuality. We no longer fear change, we long for it.

What was the survival-based confirmation bias of primal models has now become conflict—driving an us-against-them mentality that is devastating global relationships. Stepping out of the reactive behavior of our ancestors and into a more proactive approach to communication brings balance and, with it, peace.

Of course, generations are not bound by age. They are the consciousness available to us at the time of the generation. However, it is not a thing we must work to learn. Emotional and mental intelligence are the natural result of releasing our resistance to change and striving instead to remain relevant.

Our maturity is not age-based. It is a representation of development, of movement from the lesser primal instincts into a more evolved way of experiencing life. Relationships trigger us. They always will. However, the further we can advance our brain function, the less likely it will be that those triggers will be a negative impact on our experience.

We are experiencing a dramatic change as a species, not just in development but in our survival mechanisms themselves. This change takes the potential of maturity to an entirely new level.

From this new perspective, we understand how to gain benefits from both those who align with our point of view and those who do not. Loving everyone, unconditionally is not an elusive concept. It is the natural byproduct of recognizing individuality, not as a threat, but as an opportunity for expansion.

We can’t experience new opportunities by following any of our currently established rules. Doing what we know now will give us what we have now. If we want something different, we need to try something new. This new dynamic of human behavior—living with over 7.5 billion people on the planet—creates the constant shifts more advanced brains crave. However, the old patterns of safety in familiarity driven by primal mechanisms fear that change. The brain shifts to trying to recognize all of it, creating empathic, or introverted personalities wrought with suffering.

The damage empathic behavior causes to our bodies devastating. Putting up walls of protection is no longer a useful tool for creating safety. An evolved consciousness understands that moving beyond our safety net actually reduces vulnerability. It is better to create a life we no longer experience as ‘happens to us.’ When life can be something we ‘lean into,’ we build the kind of confidence and capability that stir feelings of being inherently safe.

Relationship balancing is the most popular course I have ever taught. There is a shift occurring on our planet, and the thing most impacted by this shift is relational dynamics. From generational gaps to confirmation biases, we seem to be a species finding more reasons to disagree than to agree. Believe it or not, this is a beautiful thing, but it won’t feel beautiful, not if we’re stuck in old relationship patterns of it threatening our survival.

On June 18, 2020, Relationship Balancing returns, and it returns with a whole new twist. I’ll be taking everything I’ve taught about brain function and applying it to helping you create Ultimate Balance in your life. We’ll talk about:

  • what ‘Individuality’ truly is and how to use it to strengthen our confidence.
  • how to stop trying to fit in when we know we were born to stand out.
  • what it means to create organic boundaries and move beyond the constant burden of efforted change.
  • we’ll expand into a new way of experiencing all the relationships in our lives through a simple shift in survival mechanisms.

So, we can feel safe, balanced, and clear in any condition, with any person.

This class goes live on June 18, 2020. The first session is free if you would like to try it.

Early participants will have an opportunity to tune in live on Thursday Nights. Videos with course-work will also be available after the live event.

Pre-register now and enroll for only $99 (regularly $960)

Pre-registration ends on June 18, 2020, but the early-bird price of $199 is still available for the first 20 people to enroll.

Go beyond examining what might be wrong or even how to fix what can seem broken. Let’s discuss the nature of relationships and how to use even the worst interactions to expand our experience of living.

Come and have healthy relationships with us. Live life balanced.

Linda Forrest

At 23, Linda Forrest refused the definition of incurable when she was diagnosed and medicated for severe PTSD and addiction. On that day, she began a study that would eventually result in her discovery of a cure.

Through over 30 years of diverse research combining the sciences of psychology, pharmacology, neurology, and spontaneous healing, she assembled a puzzle that cured her condition. She now mentors others and has helped thousands discover what it means to live a life free of suffering.

As an author, speaker, muse, and mentor, she continues to explore what it means to be human by asking what becomes possible when we finally evolve beyond primal brain functions to eliminate fight-or-flight triggers.

To find out more about her and her journey, visit

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