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Phase One Practice Exercise

Now that we have reviewed options for triggering the rest-and-digest state, we will practice using them. In the next exercise, you will take six steps to both activate and then alleviate a stress trigger. You only need to do this particular exercise once in each phase. However, you need at least 20 – 30 minutes to complete it. 

The implementation of this single exercise can show you what it means to gain mastery over any suffering. However, it could leave you in an extended state of suffering if you don’t complete it. So, please schedule the right time and resources to finish the entire process and get everything you can from this work.

That said, we will begin the practice by stimulating a mild trigger. So, avoid overly exposed places like coffee shops or libraries for this first exercise. If you don’t have a place at home that feels safe, you might want to try sitting in your car or finding a semi-secluded space in nature. Again, having a friend or professional nearby might be helpful if your triggers tend to spiral.

But take note; this is a practice round. It’s not here to challenge you, so don’t go for big triggers. We’re just doing this so you can see how easy it is to trigger an overactive amygdala and how easy it can be to deactivate it. Once you’ve had a chance to experience controlling a trigger, you should see a hint of how your state of consciousness can be up to you.

You’ll continue triggering the rest-and-digest state for a week or two, but in the future, you won’t need to stimulate triggers. You will simply use Phase One Practices if you are already stressed. Once you understand you have the power to control triggers, you will be able to move beyond simple coping mechanisms and into a better life through learning the Phase Two Practices.

So, here we are. Your next step is to do the practice. Again, make sure you have plenty of time and space to engage. Over the next 20 – 30 minutes, you will create a monumental shift in your perspective of triggers.

I look forward to seeing where you can go with it.

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