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How to use your protein/exercise log

First; remember to have protein in every meal. Having large amounts of protein at varying meals may create a yo-yo effect. Consistency is the best way to maintain healthy homeostasis. The only exception to this rule is for those times you participate in vigorous exercise. In situations where additional protein is required for muscle recovery, please use your established plan.

Again, the goal is to eat an equivalent to fifty percent of your body weight in pounds, in grams of protein per day. Keeping to this goal will help you begin to feel real results faster. It will likely take three or four meals before you start to feel better. Don’t judge the initial feelings you have. Just record them. Our goal here is to create a baseline.

Measuring how you feel after you eat is the best way to capture the real effects of the protein. It generally takes us three to six hours to digest and absorb protein. So, you’re not watching what happens between the meals as much as you’re watching how you feel several hours later. You can do this by just logging your feelings as you are recording your next meal. The log is set up in a way where you are logging feelings first so it should be easy to do this.

Remember; for most of us, this is not going to be a complete solution, but it does create a foundation for a more successful program. The goal here is to watch for patterns. It is possible to do the work without changing our diet but having an increase in the neurotransmitters available is highly beneficial to the process.

The benefits of exercise and increased circulation are the same. Noticing the effect of our practices hours later or even the next day tells us how important it is to maintain a steady practice, so I’ve created this log to use for both protein and exercise.

Let’s log something now, for practice.

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