Relationship Balancing Four-Day Interactive Experience

Have better relationships with everyone in your life.

Life is relationships, and when they are out of balance, the experience of living can become very painful. Relationship Balancing explores deeper understandings of who we are and how to live in the most joy possible with every relationship in our lives. So you can go beyond examining what might be wrong or even how to fix what might seem broken. Let’s discuss the nature of relationships and how to use even the worst interactions to make life better. 

We’ve scheduled Relationship Balancing to be a six-month process, broken down into bi-weekly lessons. Topics include:

  • Roles and Rules and how subtle changes to perspective can make what seems inherent easily adjustable.
    • We’ll discuss the idea of confirmation bias and how the mind only sees what it can comprehend.
    • We’ll also discuss the rules our brain establishes due to those biases.
    • We’ll cover new ways to move beyond the limiting factors of our minds quickly.
    • And do practices to bring a whole new perspective to any situation instantly.
  • The Developmental Cycles and how it is our developmental age and not our chronological age that impacts our relationships
    • We will discuss the natural cycles of development and recognize the effect developmental age has on your relationships.
    • Review the dramatic change that’s currently happening in development and how it affects social survival mechanisms.
    • Explore why development matters,
    • And learn tools to advance ourselves through developmental blocks.
  • The nature of Polar Relationships vs. Parallels
    • Using the concept of a quantum web, we will discuss how each of us experiences unique reality.
    • Talk about why some people trigger us, while others become the yin to our yang,
    • Discuss healthy ways to use polarity for growth.
    • And learn tools for strengthening our overall position in society.
  • The Nature of Dominant Creation vs. Passive Creation can instantly transform your life.
    • We’ll talk about what it means to live in the constant shifts of empathic/introverted personalities.
    • The damage empathic behavior causes to our bodies and how ‘putting up walls of protection will never work.’
    • We’ll discuss the source of physical energy and how that knowledge frees us from external pressures
    • Do practices designed to create an experience where life no longer ‘happens to us,’ but is something we can ‘lean into.’
  • The Expansive Nature of Life and what it means to be on the leading edge of humankind’s evolution through consciousness.
    • We will discuss social survival mechanisms and why we team build.
    • Learn easy-to-use tools for stepping out of reactive behavior and into a more proactive approach to life.
    • Explore primal survival mechanisms and their profound impact on relationships.
    • Compare the traditional fight-or-flight response that depends on “safety in familiarity” to the newly developing levels of ingenuity and emotional intelligence that stimulate “safety in adaptability.”
  • Ultimate Balance and how to create a strong signal.
    • In the final sessions of the class, we’ll bring together the experience of Ultimate Balance.
    • We’ll discuss what ‘Individuality’ truly is and how to use it to strengthen our confidence.
    • We’ll expand into a new way of experiencing all the relationships in our lives.
    • So, we can feel safe, balanced, and clear in any condition, with any person.

The first session is free if you would like to try it. Come and have healthy relationships with us. Live life balanced.