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Three Days of Bliss – Virtual Meditation Retreat

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Thich Nhat Hahn says, “Meditation is not passive, sitting in silence. It is sitting in awareness, free from distraction, and realizing the clear understanding that arises from concentration.”

Meditation is not designed to be a moment of stillness in a life of chaos. It is designed to give us a life of stillness and the tools to help us easily navigate chaos. We do this by expanding our consciousness, to see what we might not have seen yesterday, to see the things that will bring us joy, but that ability to see isn’t readily available to everyone. However, it can be, in just moments of practice.

Over the course of this three-day retreat, we will engage in a deepening practice of meditation and how to evolve it from a thing we do here and there, to a thing that becomes a way of life.

To begin the process, I will release a detailed video explaining the expectations of the Retreat. While we can’t be together in person at this time, I will present a full schedule of activities The goal of any Retreat is to offer participants the opportunity to break away from their current reality, to immerse themselves in something truly transformational. I do hope participants will give their full commitment to the journey.

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