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New Year’s Eve Releasing Meditation


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The New Year is the one celebrated event that is recognized globally. It is met every year with a belief in possibility. Every year, I feel it moving with tremendous momentum like a wave of hope across our planet. Regardless of our difficulties or even our successes, this is a moment where we believe again.

December 31st, at 7:15 pm, we will release what was and prepare ourselves for a whole new year.

Join us at no charge for Live Meditation on YouTube.

When you purchase the event, you also get a printable package, along with discount coupons for personal sessions to help you fulfill your resolution. Don’t wait until the last minute. Get yours today.


8 in stock


We are all so much more than our history. Connect again with yourself as you let fall those things that no longer serve you. Release stress, financial worries, family definitions, hopes and fears, and all of the little triggers that might be holding you back.

Don’t spend time just celebrating the idea of a new year. Catch the wave and invest yourself in making this the best year of your life. We begin our process on December 31st, at 7:15 pm, with a special Releasing Meditation. In a whole new releasing process, we will let go of the past year and everything else in our lives that is no longer serving us.

Following the meditation, we will set our ‘Resolution’ for the coming year. Then, using intuitive practices, we will connect again with our soul to form a powerful intention for 2020. Establishing a solid base allows us to create a year exponentially better than anything we can comprehend today.

The meditation will be a guided, three-step process, with about 30 – 45 minutes of meditation time and the opportunity for group sharing throughout the experience.

There will be an Rewrite Your Future Weekend Event to deepen the practice of creation for those who are interested. It begins on December 30 and carries through to Jan 1. Seating is limited for the New Year’s Day event. So remember to sign up now if you’re interested.

Lighten your burden and relish the moment of release. Find yourself here.

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