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LiTup 365 (Free Trial)


LiTup is an interactive course designed to examine natural law. Each month has a changing seasonal focus, offering organic practices intended to help us express our authentic selves. You can join for a single month as a stand-alone process or save money and invest in a year-long process that is guaranteed to change the way you interact with nature, yourself, and your life as a whole.

You don’t need to invest to try the first session. If you like it, there’s a link at the end with a coupon to get your first month for free.

When we align ourselves with the movement of natural cycles, life can feel a lot less like swimming upstream and a lot more like living in the flow.


With the course, you’ll receive:

  • A monthly article with valuable information to help us fully understand the workings of the current season. Like why don’t I follow through with my New Year’s resolutions, or what is spring fever?
  • An invitation to sit down with the course creator to ask questions, connect with other students, and deepen your practice.
  • Two video lessons that guide us through the season’s natural flow. With each changing topic, we will align with the natural forces inherent to each season.
  • A weekly exercise designed to help you embody what you’ve learned and deepen your understanding of nature.
  • Daily Inspirations to keep you going. Daily inspirations will support your exercises and help you stay “Inspired by nature 365 days per year.”

Try LiTup for Free. You’ll be amazed by how easy life can be. Then, if you like it, you can sign-up or opt-out at any time.

Upcoming seasonal topics include:

• January – The Nature of Oneness – The Gift of Polarity
• February – The Nature of Cause and Effect – The Personal Factor
• March – The Nature of Inspiration – The Seed Stirs in the Earth
• April – The Nature of Evolution – All Things Change
• May – The Path of Least Resistance – Living Life in Harmony
• June – The Power of Doing – Practice Makes Perfect
• July – The Nature of Relativity – Attention Seeking
• August – The Nature of Attraction – It’s Not Magic
• September – The Nature of Right Action – Principle is not bound by Precedent
• October – The Nature of Reciprocity – It’s not just about Circulation
• November – The Sacred Release – Redefining Gratitude
• December – The Power of Four – Personal Mythology

Growth doesn’t need to be hard work. Experience simple, dramatic change and live beyond not only your wildest dreams but beyond anything you can imagine today. Live LiTup.

We look forward to connecting with you soon.

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