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Did you know you can shrink an enlarged amygdala? Join us live on YouTube at 6:00 and learn helpful hints on how to improve your brain function.

This week we’re talking about shrinking the Amygdala. People with enlarged amygdalas suffer serious conditions. From high anxiety to reactive behavior and a host of physical illness, overactive fight-or-flight triggers create significant suffering. Still, this doesn’t mean we must suffer forever.

Specific practices applied in the correct way have been proven in neuroscientific studies to shrink the amygdala. I’ll review the practices that work best and the most efficient way to use them to get the quickest results.

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When I began the process of willfully manipulating my brain function in 2014, I was in a fight-or-flight response – what I call ‘a state of suffering’ – around ninety percent of the time. I was in rest-and-digest – or ‘a relief of that suffering’ – around ten and I could not even imagine what it meant to live a life free of suffering.

Over the last 4 years, I have been able to achieve a nearly constant thriving state. I expect within the next few years, I will develop the ability to never trigger the fight-or-flight response in my brain again.

I do not share this information to boast. I just want you to know what is possible in the practice of improving brain function if you truly commit yourself to it and I’ll be offering free video brain hacks to tell you how.

These hacks are created to offer an understanding of how to activate and eventually control certain brain functions through observing the effect those brain functions have on consciousness.

When it comes to being more conscious in our lives and less driven by the unconscious mechanisms of the brain, we must go to the source. We must work to increase our brain function beyond the mostly unconscious level of mere primate and into the high function capabilities inherent to all humans.

There’s no hook here. The information is completely free. I do offer paid programs, but you are never obligated to join. I know when I needed this information the most, I had the least amount of money. Nothing was available to me that didn’t cost more than I had. So, I am committed to making sure you have as much content as you can get without needing to pay a dime.

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I wish you peace and great success on your journey.


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