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Week One – Introduction to Course

“Meditation is not designed to be a moment of stillness in a life of chaos.
It is designed to a life of stillness that easily manages chaos”

– Linda Forrest – from “Become More Centered – From Beginning to Advanced Meditation Practices “

Welcome to our Phase-Two Course – “Become More Centered – Introduction to Meditation.” If you haven’t completed our Phase-One Course – “Relief of Suffering – Introduction to Brain Chemistry,” I suggest you begin there. Even if you are not in a state of suffering, that course provides valuable information on how the brain works, how the body responds, and how to get the most out of both.

While taking that course is not necessary to improve your ability to meditate at an advanced level, it will provide important tools for accelerating your practice. If you’ve already taken the course or decided to move forward without it, this course will help you:

  • Create your own unique meditation practice.
  • Learn how to calm any storm, no matter how big.
  • Measure significant results, both now and in the long run.
  • Master the art of making life a meditation.

It will also guide you through Phase Two of the IEP Program by teaching you the four levels of meditation practices integral to advanced meditation practices. You will learn.

  • Stage One of a Beginning Meditation Practice and how to
    • Relax the mind
    • and observe the self
  • Stage Two of a Beginning Meditation Practice and how to
    • Center the mind
    • and observe the self in relation to space
  • Stage Three of an Intermediate Meditation Practice and how to
    • Expand the mind 
    • and observe infinite possibilities
  • Stage Four of an Advanced Meditation Practice and how to
    • Contemplate the expansion / infinite possibility
    • and observe new information through an active listening state.

To begin, please watch the lesson video. Below the lesson video, I have included Topics that contain chapters from the book, along with Questions for Contemplation to use in your daily meditation practice.

If you choose not to read the Topics, please complete the Questions for Contemplation. They are critical to a successful practice, and progressing to advanced meditation practices.

I look forward to connecting with you along the way and wish you tremendous success on you journey.

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