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96_Analysis Notes – 9/30/2020

The only power you have is the power you don’t give away.

Most of us don’t think about it, but the word ‘insecure’ means ‘not safe.’ Every insecurity we have is a perception of threat. Our subject has spent her life with a singular focus. She wanted to be anybody but who she was. She didn’t care who she became as long as it wasn’t who she knew herself to be.

Her perspective was a misperception that ended up being her greatest gift. It was a mistake to identify with being powerless. However, deciding to be anyone else opened a door for her that helped her transcend the typical healing limitations. She didn’t waste time focusing on individual situations. She covered a broad range of situations by deciding to be a person that lived outside of them. She shaved years off her process by doing one thing. She observed herself.

Cleaving to our identity limits us even if the identity is successful. Familiarity, even in who we are, is a primal survival mechanism. Millions are being buried because they insist on not changing their lifestyle, their life, and, most significantly, their identity. The world is changing quickly, and our subject’s decision to move with opens doors for her she might not otherwise see. It frees her of the suffering inherent to “attachment to self.”

She ended her vision quest only a year before like a child, highly dependant on parental support. She returns this year ready to conquer a four-day journey alone, near enough to see her community but not near enough to be protected by them. Her quest’s proximity to the camp has expanded from a few hundred feet to at least half a mile through dense thickets. Besides her friend, the eagle, she is alone.

Last year she used DNA activation to manage her suffering. This year she will need resources beyond any she can imagine. Maybe her higher power is nature itself.

As mentioned earlier, we all strive. We all have an innate drive to be, to do something significant, to have a purpose. Some find this in the work they do. Some find it in the offspring they produce. Some even find it in the story of having no purpose at all. Maybe, as we watch our subject step into this new year of vision quest, we are seeing her finally abandon the purpose of becoming someone new, to engage in the idea of trusting who she is.

Either way, the door is wide open for her to walk through.

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