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83_The DNA model – October 14, 2018

I’ve spent decades pondering the question, “Were the monsters I experienced in my youth real?”

The truth I discovered is, it doesn’t matter. The answer is both yes and no. The physical body responds to sensory information. You can be watching a horror movie or suspense, and your adrenal system will respond with a racing heart and sweaty palms, or you can have a massage and trigger the rest and digest response, feeling soothed and safe.

This ability to create sensory response is the purpose of meditation. No meditation is about thinking the visualization is real. When you imagine yourself on a beach, you don’t question the existence of the beach. You know you are not on a beach, but you are teaching your mind to relax to the familiar experience of waves and sand and seagulls. Being on a beach is not the point. The point is to create an encounter in the mind that then stimulates a similar experience in the body.

If we return to the idea of identity being determined through DNA, we could set forth the premise that all human experience exists in all human DNA. We could also suggest that DNA activation could be a simple explanation for why some have paranormal experiences, and some do not.

Let’s take, for example, a haunted house. Where exactly do the ghosts exist? The idea of ether is easily disproven, and with it, the notion that spirits exist in our atmosphere. Our atmosphere is measurable. It’s oxygen and helium and argon, etc. etc. However, to deny physics is not necessarily a reason to deny the experience., but I must come up with a legitimate alternative. If I don’t, my theories are implausible. I can insist the world is flat, but a person who has traveled the globe or been miles above must then discredit everything I submit.

If I don’t discount physics, where are the ghosts? Where are the spirits of our loved ones? Where are our guardian angels or our demons? It’s been a question that has plagued us since the first experience of something intangible. It’s been the topic of many debates and has never been a thing we can prove, yet. However, what if the answer is simple? What if we recognized that our ancestry already exists in our DNA? What if we should have been looking there all along?

We know ancestral memory is stored in DNA. We react to spiders and snakes or fears of the dark instinctively. The reaction exists, not from our creation, but from the very nature of our being. Science knows it. We are the compilation of our parent’s DNA and them of their parents, and so on. What if the haunted house is merely us reliving the experience of the person who lived in that house?

Traumatic events, just like highly excitatory experiences, create deeply ingrained memories, memories that mark times of great success, and times of epic failure. What if we don’t respond to sensory impress as just an individual level. What happens when that DNA is activated? We experience fear as our own, but we experience it as a memory. We don’t think, “Oh, that’s my great-grandmother’s fear of the dark I’m feeling.” We think, “I’m afraid of the dark.” We experience the fearful moment like she experienced the fearful moment.

Paranormal experiences seldom reflect uncharged life events. Many are about loss. Suppose we take the idea of primal fears beyond spiders and snakes to include the inherent threat of death experienced by someone who died tragically. It could be the loss of a child, a tragic accident, or even murder. The visual stimulation of the scene where these events occurred could spark the primal fear reaction causing the person to relive the event.

So, what’s happening when we see angels, guides, and even our Gods? That will take further exploration.

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