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144_Chapter Two – Getting Acquainted continued

Few days have passed since our table. They have been busy, and it’s time now for Amber to come forward to talk to me. With the tools I need for our communication before me, I sit alone in the middle of my bed. Well, I’m not entirely alone. My daughter is asleep in her bedroom, and my friend is downstairs in her room. In this room, I also have the company of a dog and a rabbit. People all over the world probably wish they could be this kind of alone. I can feel the people around me. Still, at this moment, doing this thing, I feel very much alone.

Sandra and I usually resolve negative entities together. Whether it is a simple attachment or a demon, we work as a team, and I trust her confidence more than my own. I often rely on it. I have never experienced harm at the hands of an entity, but I’ve never done this type of work without her, and I don’t know what might happen. I remember the story of this ‘jumper,’ and I’ve seen how Amber stays in motion to keep him away from her family. More than this, I remember the basement. I lived her story for a moment. She was a devout woman of faith, and he found his way to her. I cannot kid myself about the risk I take here, and I can’t pretend I’m not afraid. 

Still, I decide there is not much more I can do. I must begin my work. It is late, and the lights in the room are out. I have decided to do the work in the dark, so I can easily see anyone who might choose to manifest. I do have a single candle burning, so I can see the rods as they move. But, beyond it, there is no other light in the room.

Sitting with my legs crossed near the center of my bed, I reach my hand out and start my digital recorder. If Amber chooses to speak, I want to capture it. Then, taking a deep breath, I call upon protection, surrounding myself and the animals with the powerful forces we commonly work with when we know of a potential threat. I call upon them to protect my child and my friend. I call upon protection for Monica and her family and especially her mother, who struggles the most at this time. I call these warriors to all of us so that we may be safe during this communication. Then, I sit silently for a moment and wait for the protection to be confirmed before I continue.

Once the guides assure me of everyone’s safety, I raise my eyes to begin my work. Even before I lift the rods, the candle fades and nearly goes out. I watch it until it returns to a full flame. Then, I speak to the Spirits, “The candle just dimmed and then brightened again. Is this significant?” 

Through my body signal, I receive my answer. ‘Yes.’

“Am I in any danger?”


Having received a negative response to any risk, I do not inquire further. Somewhere inside, I sense the sudden presence of a person in the room. It is not one of my Spirit Guides or anyone with whom I have worked. Still, I know the candle faded as they entered. I won’t worry about confirming my suspicions just yet. My guides say I am safe. I trust that to be accurate, but my attention sharpens. 

Lifting the rods, I hold them in front of me about six inches apart. I tip them slightly forward, so gravity holds the rods to point at the base of the wall in front of me. I begin the communication by inviting my guide to join me. “I do not know which direction to go, but I ask to be guided by truth, by clarity, and by understanding. IEO, please sign in.”

The rods do not move.

Over the last few weeks, IEO has been ‘working’ on something that has pulled him away from me. I know his ‘work’ guides me and keeps me safe, and I understand whatever he is doing will always be in my best interest, but I feel I will need him tonight. When the rods don’t immediately move, I realize how much I had hoped he would be available during this session.

I sit, staring at the rods, anxiously awaiting a response, praying he will be here. All of the fears I held as I began my work suddenly rise to the surface. I fear the rods will fail to move at all. I fear I will not be able to create communication, and in the end, I fear I will fail, and I will not be able to help Amber cross to the other side. Over the space of mere seconds, I nearly lose myself and my calm and allow the fear to carry me away. As panic rises in my chest, I must force myself to hold the rods steady. My hands shake as I stare at the tool in my hands. I know I must allow time for an answer, but right now, the fear feels more real than anything else in the world.

After what seems like an eternity, the rods slowly cross. They move like a spoon through molasses, visibly fighting against the will of my fear. I count the movement as confirmation of my request. However, I cannot respond. My heart is still pounding. Finally, with a deep sigh, I break away from the fear and say, “Thank you.”

The movement of the rods is soft in my hands, and I recognize IEO in them. His guidance is always kind, and his hand gentle upon the tool. I express gratitude for his presence here tonight. I am also very much aware I must proceed carefully. If he has come, there must be a heightened risk in this communication.

I continue with the questions. “Is Two-Feathers here tonight?”


“Welcome, Two-Feathers.”

Two Feathers is Sandra’s Spirit Guide, and he has worked with us through much of this process. After Amber left, his guidance at the glass told us of her plight and then directed us on how we should proceed. This is yet another reason I expected to do this work with Sandra present. I wish she were here.

“Am I to work with Two-Feathers on the rods?”


Before I can ask my next question, the rods begin to move. They waver and then slowly gravitate in one direction. They continue to roll until they eventually point toward the corner of the room, just behind me and to my right.

I know I need to address this seemingly random movement, but first, I must define a working order. I cannot allow this to become a guessing game. Speaking softly, I request the clear position again, “Please, straighten the rods.”

The rods do not move.

“Straighten the rods, please.”

They waiver slightly but do not return to the center.

“Straight.” My voice is firm and clear.

The rods return to the forward position.

After the rods are straight, I ask, “Is someone in that corner?”


“O.K. Is it someone who needs to be removed?”


“O.K. Can you please do so? Cross the rods when it is complete.” I wait for the Spirit Guides to remove any unwanted presence from the room. The work we do often draws entities who require assistance, and it is not uncommon to help more than one lost soul in a sitting. I wait, but after several moments pass without the confirmation I’ve requested, I start to wonder if it is Amber’s pursuer in the corner. 

Before can I ask, the rods cross?

“Did those…”

The rods begin to move again.

“Please, straighten the rods and leave them still.”

The rods return.

“Did those cross because it is complete?”


“Is it because of my thought that this is who we are seeking?”


“O.K.” I pause for a moment and then decide to confirm, “Am I in any danger?”


“Oh, is Amber over there?”


“IEO, you are sitting behind me.”


“So, you are in protection…” I suddenly feel large hands rest upon my shoulders as I often do when I ask for protection from IEO. When I feel the sensation, I know he has taken a defensive position against a threat, and no harm can befall me. I take serious note of both messages. IEO is not here to communicate with me. He is here to protect me.

“Two-Feathers, please sign in.” Just as it is with the glass, the rods move in a completely different way when communicating with Two-Feathers than they do with IEO. His responses are firm and decisive. He is not tender and does not mince words or movements, and he does not hold much patience for those he does not respect. It is easy to understand where he stands on any subject.

“Is Amber supposed to sign in at this time?”


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