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143_Chapter Two – Getting Acquainted continued

As we reach the top of the stairs, the rest of the family has arrived. So we return to Jennifer’s home to decide on a table that will be suitable for a glass. 

Everyone is fully invested at the moment and open to the opportunities as we begin with a prayer. We call in protection and ask for support in our process. We ask to be guided by truth and to hear the words of Spirit with clarity of mind. We allow the prayer to travel in a circle and each, in turn, express all we feel we need to say before entering into a sacred space. Still shaken from my experience in the basement, I ask Spirit for clarity and strength to continue our work. I pray for understanding and putting aside my agenda, I pray for the wisdom to heal where healing is necessary.

When all of our prayers are complete, we put our fingers on the glass.

As the day moves finally to night, we speak with our Spirit Guides and gain insight. Then, the unbearable happens. We learn how Amber’s experience is not what we originally anticipated. The story of her death is much different than it appeared to be on the surface. Amber comes herself and tells us of how she chose to die, not to escape her life, but to protect her family. 

There was a pursuer, chasing her, telling her she must do this thing. When she failed to comply, the entity threatened to harm her family. It threatened to pursue the family in the same way it was chasing her. She knew she could not allow anything to threaten her family. She didn’t want anyone to suffer. So, she took her life in an attempt to stop him.

My heart breaks as I hear of her sacrifice. I think of all of the steps a mother will take to protect her child, and I wonder how many would be strong enough to go this far. I can see in her the ache of being without her children, but I can also see her determination to protect them. I wonder how many others might be out there suffering like Amber, unable to realize there might be someone to help, unaware of healers and cleansings and all the options available to oppose that were available to her.

She tells us about how this man was a predator and how he had tormented souls for centuries. He traveled from one tortured soul to the next, reminding them of their weaknesses, feeding on feelings of self-loathing. He would push the person to suicide and, after doing so, jump to the weakened souls around the victim, using their pain of loss to continue the cycle.

There is pride in her as she tells us how she ended his reign of terror even as she ended her own life. She took a step others had not, and she held on as tight as she could, preventing him from traveling to her family, preventing him from infecting another soul. As she continues with the story of her journey, I wish I could have had a few more days with her. I’ve known Monica for months and talked to her many times about her sister’s suffering, but my fear of her judgment sealed my lips. I never shared my abilities, not before this day, not before this table, not before it was too late to help. 

I agonize over the realization, struggling to focus on the table. I think over and over again of all I could have done. I think of how the story could have been different, if only…

 “There was a pathway from the back door, down the stairs, and around the corner to the left.” Sandra’s words pull me back, forcing me to listen as she now explains what she saw in the basement. “Just past the stud, and next to the heater, it ended with an explosion into the floor. The color I saw was black, and there was this rushing sensation, like something moving at incredible speeds. There was also the impression that it happened over and over again. It was as if you were standing there when it happened, it would run you down, knock you over even, and when it hit me, I lost my breath.”

I am amazed by the sensation I feel when she shares her experience. I remember the sense of something at the door and the build-up of energy beneath the stairs. Most remarkable are the location of these occurrences and the sensation we both had of losing our breath. Throughout the night, I am amazed by the coincidences of the stories and the commonality of the senses. Even when I doubt, there is something to remind me of the opportunities we have to be fully aware if we just listen.

After sharing the story, Amber’s presence vanishes again. We know now, this is to keep the being chasing her from seeing the family so vulnerable. I feel unsettled by the thought. Her sacrifice inspires me, but it’s devastating to think of the eternity she was willing to live with him at her heels.

After she leaves, the communication continues with our guides. Together, we make a plan. I will leave my sage with Jennifer, and she will continue with a daily smudging of both homes. Then, I will meet with Amber and guide this predator to a door in my basement, where we will draw him away from her and to the other side. We won’t tell her about our intentions. What she knows, he knows. Besides, she would never be willing to bring him anywhere close to anyone else. She believes it is her destiny to protect him from the world. I know it is mine to free her of it.

After she is free of him, I will then help her to pass, and she will find peace on the ‘other side.’

So, with our path clear once again, we close the glass. We thank the Spirits and call on protection for those in the circle. We smudge one more home close by, where Amber spent a lot of time, and then, we say our goodbyes, and Sandra and I return to the car and eventually to our homes.

On the surface, it sounds simple enough. I’ve done these healings hundreds of times before and feel like I can handle what is before me. Still, our guides warned us of the inherent danger and the care we must take as we move forward, and I know we need to heed what we’ve heard here. The memory of my experience in her basement is still heavy upon me. I already understand this healing will be nothing like anything I’ve ever experienced before.

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