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129_Analysis Notes – 10/31/2020

We begin our analysis with the reappearance of deer. This moment with IEO is a genuine beginning for our subject. She has surrendered her idea of adulthood to become the child again, to learn and grow again. This time, with a different parent. Should we then ask ourselves, from where does this new parent originate? If we are the sum total of our parents’ neural DNA, then how is our subject experiencing a new parent from within? What neurons carry information not intrinsic to her upbringing?

I wish I had an immediate answer. It is the thing I hope to discover through this study. For the time being, we must continue to travel the journey with her. As she moves into a deeper, more trusting relationship with her new parental role—roles I will call guardians—she grows, 

As I said before, the subconscious mind is continually making suggestions to the conscious mind. They are new suggestions, presenting as identities. They are something to observe and experience and then, if they prove worthy, trust. This distinction is essential. Take our subject, for example. The neurons she adopted are not trustworthy. There was a moment for her in therapy, where her therapist told her, “Every dysfunctional thing you do was once functional. It was a function of survival in your environment. It is the change in the environment that now makes it dysfunctional. It worked for where you grew up, but it isn’t working in the rest of the world.”

If we reflect on the subject’s brother, this is evident. Without medication, he is unable to live in a civilized society. The neurons he trusts function in a more animalistic environment. Getting the subconscious mind to offer suggestions to help us behave better in a new environment is a slow and often painful process. It is full of embarrassing moments and emotional injury. However, our subject and many others who have experienced guides, guardian angels, or vision—seem to have found a shortcut. They are getting suggestions that are an evolution of thought, a highly evolved possibility. 

It’s easy to believe this is impossible for everyone like it is exclusive to people like Einstein or Edison. Still, it does seem to be a growing trend in humanity when we do not sabotage the experience. Like our subject, we must remember, the past is the past, and today is a whole new day. Though we may or may not have known it before, we are supported by a kind and loving sea of nurturing. 

The confidence that arises from a supportive parental figure is transformative. Throughout the days following our subject’s surrender, she evolves from a victim, someone hiding from monsters, to a person consciously choosing to fight them. She advances from the role of ‘damsel in distress’ to the hero of others. 

As we begin to recognize the support around us, we can build upon this knowledge. No practice in life serves us if we cannot use its benefits in the world. The real importance of Spiritual Practice is how it improves our daily lives and the lives of those around us.

Like a toddler stepping into the world, this is the real beginning of our adventure. As children move into the world, they get to try and fail at life, knowing there will be someone there to help them recover. Just like a very young child, we don’t really want to be rescued or managed. We want to journey into the world, exploring new possibilities,, and being open to wonder. Effective parents allow their children to explore like they are autonomous, but they are always standing by if the moment of need arises. They support without interference. We must allow ourselves to see our support systems this way. Our guardians will stand back and allow us to make choices. They will let us fall and pick ourselves up and they will also support us when we most need it if we allow them to do so.

Our subject began her life believing that the guidance she heard made her the parent to the immature adults around her. It took her decades to realize this guidance wasn’t there to support her in parenting others but to give her the healthy parenting she didn’t receive from her environment. We must be careful not to make the same mistake. It’s likely most of us have, feeling the need to guide others with inspired advice when that advice is meant for our development. The best thing we can do is to pay attention to when we want to advise others and to ask, “How does this advice serve in the evolution of my life?”

As we learn to roll over. sit. and to walk, we are supported. There is a bit of experimentation on our part, but we are introduced to possibility through our parents, through example,, and instruction. Early spiritual journeys begin the same way. We can’t expect ourselves to come into any new practice knowing how it is done. We must learn how to sit and to stand and to walk on our own eventually.

Right now, we have the opportunity to receive new rules. Having already allowed the stories of the past to fall, the more willing we are now to be vulnerable and receptive, the more profound a chance we have to enact change in our life. Remember, the mind does not differentiate between what we call ‘real’ and what we imagine. It knows only the rules of safety as defined by their experience. The rules we write, our mind will follow them with unwavering commitment. So, we might as well write rules that expand our experience of living rather than contract it.

In the same way, a child gets feedback from a parent, we can get feedback from the Universe. However you define it. Whether you believe in guides and angels or if you believe in the mind’s ability to analyze and interpret the best path in a situation; if you think this communication is simply a part of your consciousness or access to Divine Consciousness; whatever this guardian is to you, I honor that. I am just here suggesting you use it.

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